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Vote? Why Bother!

BladedDingo - October 6, 2008

So I’ve been asking some of my friends and co-workers who they’ll vote for in the coming election on October 14th and I’ve honestly been surprised. A lot of people my age really don’t care to vote.

My roommate says that he doesn’t care, cause no matter who’s elected they’ll be a douche and he won’t like them. Another friend says she would vote, but she’s not going to be able to due to work. That seems like it’s a fair reason, she does work two jobs, but at the same time there is ways to vote early and get your say in the government, and your employer can and WILL give you time off to vote.

Now, My roommate is going to be in New Zealand, but even then, there are ways for citizens to vote before they leave, other people I talked to just don’t seem to care. I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t follow political news much, I don’t follow the newest bills and law’s, or read up about the latest scandals, but voting is a privilege that we earned and I just don’t think it’s right to throw your vote away.

My opinion is that if you throw your right to vote away, you throw away your right to complain about the government, Sure… as a citizen you have the right to do so regardless, but it means SO much more that you had your say in who runs your country.

“Joe, You hear the Harper Government is raising taxes AGAIN!”,
“Well gee Billy, I sure know that is why I voted Liberal, They had a better platform and promised to lower taxes, who did you vote for?”
“Golly Joe, I sat on my ass and watched cartoons! I don’t care who’s elected, just don’t raise the taxes!”

See what I mean? how can you really justify criticizing a government if you don’t care what they do? clearly they will have an impact on your life SOME how and it just seems like it’s something that you should do, as a Canadian you should be casting you votes, Liberal, Conservative, NDP or even… green party? ok… even green party, you should find SOMETHING about them that you agree with and vote.

My brother is a card carrying Conservative, he’d kill me if I voted Liberal, I think most of my family voted Conservative last election (but they won’t tell… otherwise it won’t come true), but they vote. We’re not the most political family, we don’t sit around the dinner table and debate politics, but we do care who runs the government at least to a degree. There are immigrants who never had the chance to vote and will gladly exercise their right to do so, but here we are, just sitting around watching cartoons and playing Games and downloading pirated music.

Will you care when we’re as bad as the states and pass laws allowing Music companies to sue 12 year olds, will you care when posting a blog about how much you hate Harper or Dion will have the RCMP Flag you as a threat… Then will you care who’s making your laws when it starts to affect how you live more closely?

Yeah, the next Prime Minister is going to be a douche and he’s going to raise taxes and do stupid things, hes a politician, it’s practically written into his job description, but at least tell him that you didn’t want him by voting. who ever you feel better voting for, give yourself a voice and don’t just throw your rights away because you’re too damn lazy to care about your country.

Check out some websites for the candidates, read a news paper, make an informed decision and on October 14th… VOTE!

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