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BladedDingo - October 15, 2018

So I decided that since I have a website, I might as well use it. I don’t know what to do with it and I inherited the domain Outlaw-Inc; that site outlived it’s usefulness years ago.

I love making websites, I’m an amateur and not amazingly graphically gifted, so a lot of my sites are simple and clean and easy to read and navigate.

But I’ve had a few sites I was very proud to have created.

The Drunken Pirates was a World of Warcraft guild I helped create, and I made the website for the guild from the ground up. It was my baby and I loved it.

I also had a Star Wars The Old Republic guild, cleverly named Drunken Space pirates. I wasn’t as attached to that site as I was the main site, but I was also proud of it.

And even longer ago i maintained a clan website for the System Lords Alliance, or SLA for the web browser game Gatewars.

Yesterday, i found out that my web host was charging me extra on my package to support outdated versions of php, and all my old sites used a super old version because I never bothered to update them and they worked fine. Little did I know they worked fine because my provider made them work fine.

So I made the decision to remove those pages, they serve no purpose now, because the guilds and clans they were meant for are long gone.

They served only as a museum for my hobbies and nothing else. So I backed up the files on my computer and redirected the domains (might as well not waste a domain).

Now this site is the only monument to myself online. And that’s fine, but part of me is saddened that these sites are gone.



I'm a C-Tier gamer that plays a variety of games. I started streaming as a hobby and enjoy chatting with new people. Come say Hi in chat while I try not to be to terrible at what I'm playing.

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