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BladedDingo - August 19, 2019

Mallory Mellor, a.k.a, Retrocausality, sat on the edge of the hospital roof. Not to far away the lights on the empty helicopter landing pad blinked away.

It was quiet, well – except for the howl of the wind, but even that felt peaceful at the moment. He watched as the people of Paragon City went about their lives.

He’d only been in the city for a few months now. A stranger from another time, another world. He was human, but from a colony a few lightyears away.

A disaster in his century had caused a temporal accident of immense proportions, and he’d been the pilot of an experimental suit that allowed him to travel through time.

The suit worked like a charm, but the temporal anomaly was beyond what the scientists from his era had thought possible.

A temporal storm hurled him back to the 20 aughts, nearly 400 years into his past. That was bad enough, but the time crystal powering his suit suffered damage. With the crystal in its current state, he had no way to return home and, the technology of this era couldn’t yet recrystalize the time crystal, not while keeping the temporal matrix intact.

He’d wandered the city seeking help for nearly a week before he found Highbrow and Nova Fire. Two members of The Sentinels, a Supergroup operating in the city.

They recognized the scope of his problem and introduced him to the confusing person called Dr. Epoch. A time traveler like himself, but free from the requirment of a timesuit.

Dr. Epoch couldn’t help him at the moment, but promised she did… or will. It was confusing because from Dr. Epochs point of view, she’d already repaired the crystal.

Either way, until the time stream sorted itself out, Retrocausality (or just Retro, as his new friends had began to call him) would have to just stick it out in this century.

His suit afforded him some resiatance to weapons fire and physical attacks, and the damaged crystal allowed him limited control over local spacetime. With practice, he could create spatial anomalies and even teleport.

He started to make a life in this time, and he made friends. Highbrow was hard to get along with sometimes, but Mallory figured when an accident unloads the Knowledge of the cosmos directly into your brain, regular conversation becomes a bit dull.

Highbrow… Retro hadn’t thought of him like that for a few weeks now. Maybe the pain of losing a new friend was starting to fade.

But he doubled down on that pain and brought it boiling back to the surface.

Mallory had a mission, and breaktime was over.

It was time to resume his search for Highbrows murderer.

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